Turner Turnpike

Turner Turnpike, OklahomaOklahoma’s Turner Turnpike. Mailed from Tulsa in 1954, there is a description on the back:

The fabulous new Turner Turnpike was completed at a cost of over $38,000,000. It has reduced the driving distance between Tulsa and Oklahoma City to 88 unimpeded miles.

Automobile Ride

Automobile TripThis postcard, mailed in 1909, shows just how a couple would have dressed for an automobile trip in the earliest years of motoring. I’ve always been a huge car and motorcycle enthusiast, and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t identify the make of this particular vehicle. It seems to have a front mounted v-twin engine, and the air-cooled power-plant appears to have a small fan to assist cooling. The fan makes gives this auto a distinctive look, but I’ve not found a picture of a similar design. Can anyone identify this?