Dude Rancher Lodge

Dude Rancher LodgeThe Dude Rancher Lodge in Billings, Montana. The lodge opened in 1949, and given the cars shown this chrome postcard dates from about 1954-55. (in the left-foreground is a black ’54 Cadillac and in the center, way in the distance, is a 1953 Mercury woodie) The Dude Rancher Lodge has had its share of challenges in recent years, appearing on the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible in 2012. Adding injury to insult, a drug-fueled gunman chose the lodge for a shootout with police just days later.

The Japonica, Corpus Christi

The JaponicaThe Japonica off Corpus Christi, Texas. I found little more than brief references to the boat on the net, but apparently it often served to ferry expeditions of duck hunters. The boat ran aground during the hurricane of 1919, but given that this white border postcard would have been printed in the 1920s the vessel was clearly repaired and put back into service.

Crazy Hotel

Crazy Hotel, Mineral Wells, TXThe Crazy Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, so named for the town’s “Crazy Water”. Originally named the Crazy Water Hotel, this 1950s postcard shows that by that time it was simply called Crazy Hotel, perhaps due to the waning interest in the once nationally known local mineral water. You can learn more about Crazy Water here.