Blue Rapids

Blue Rapids RPPCThis one was mailed from Blue Rapids, Kansas to Esther Novotny in Clarkson, Nebraska on October 13, 1920. I didn’t see it at first, but the man at the left is holding a rather substantial camera at his side. This card came from a large collection of real photo postcards, all from a single family. The branches of this family tree are complex, with family members apparently residing in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. On the back:

Home again, working again down in the good old Kansas sunflower state. You tell Erin[Em?] we still remember the time we enjoy at Iowa. Wish I took more pictures. How did George’s turn out? Hope he sends me some. Am anxious to see all of them. Have seen quite a few already, some funny ones.
Will, Hula

An Outing

RPPCThis real photo postcard was mailed from Ely, Iowa to Clarkson, Nebraska on September 7, 1914. On the back:

Hello Esther –
Am sending you here another one of those cards. We were a little too much in the sun. We are all making faces.
With love,

Woman in Adams, Nebraska

Adams, Nebraska womanAddressed to a Mr. Johnnie Bohm in DuBois, Nebraska, this real photo postcard was mailed from Adams, Nebraska on May 7th, 1912. The image is a curious one, as it seems to be a candid shot from a time when photographs were typically posed. Written on the back:

Kind friend how are you making it these timelong[?] days? I am making mine planting corn. You must be on the lookout with this card or the old lady will be after you again. Answer soon,
Henry Jauken[?]