Atlantic City Convention Hall

Atlantic City Convention CenterOn the back: “The Convention Hall, possibly the largestd in the world, covers seven acres of ground and can seat the entire permanent population of Atlantic City at one time, with room to spare. The main Auditorium is used for exhibition purposes, ice skating carnivals and even made into a full-sized football field.”

Longfellow’s Home

Longfellow's HomeThe home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Portland, Maine. On the back:

Here lived our beloved native poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; born 1807, died 1882. Home located at 487 Congress Street, built 1785-86, two years under construction, being first home whose four walls were of brick – third story added in 1815.

Electric Fountain, Bar Harbor

Electric Fountain, Bar HarborLong ago “electric fountains” were found in communities across the country, the one shown here located in Bar Harbor, Maine. It appears that a very similar fountain exists in Bar Harbor today, but I suspect that it is a replacement as certain details don’t quite match the one on this postcard. Here is a look at the fountain today.