T.K. Barker & Company

Stamp Collecting PostcardAn advertising postcard from a San Francisco company that sold postage stamps to collectors. This postcard was mailed in 1941, and while I’ve heard that the company advertised in the Boy Scouts of America publication, Boys Life, in the 1930s, they don’t seem to have been in business after the ’40s.


Bevo PostcardSo what was “Bevo” you ask? Bevo (pronounced BEE-vo) was a non-alcoholic malt beverage that Anheuser-Busch introduced in 1916, a soft drink that helped quench the public’s thirst for beer during prohibition. Waning sales prompted Anheuser-Busch to discontinue Bevo in 1929.

1959 Rambler

1959 Rambler postcardNow for something completely different. This advertising postcard features the 1959 Rambler Custom 4-Door Sedan, a vehicle that, let’s face it, did little to enhance anyone’s quality of life. This little honey was made by American Motors, and I’m going to confess that my first new car was an American Motors product: a 1980 AMC Spirit. Yea I know, and you’re not alone in never having heard of the AMC Spirit. (it was sort of a Gremlin spin-off) On the back:

Six passengers big, with plenty of luggage room for family travel. Choice of Economy 6 or Rebel V-8 engines. World’s first car with Personalized Comfort including individually adjustable sofa front seats – adjustable headrests – Airliner Reclining Seats and Twin Travel Beds.

Grant’s Tomb and Gillies’ Coffee

Grant's Tomb PostcardI apologize for not having posted in the past week, but I had a good reason. You see I’ve been on a trek across the western U.S., a noble quest for amazing postcards to educate and edify all the loyal patrons of Postcard Roundup. OK, it was really more of a family vacation, but I did find some swell postcards. This one is amusing, as it takes the popular site of Grant’s tomb and inserts an advertisement for Gillies’ Coffee. On the back:

Grant’s Tomb, Riverside Drive, corner stone laid in 1892, complete edifice dedicated in 1897 with great ceremony. The monument is 160 feet high and covers an area of 10,000 square feet.

We Make Post Cards

We Make Post CardsI really like “postcards about postcards.” I’m not familiar with the Cross Printing Co. of Chicago, but they appear to have produced a lot of cards around 1905-1910 with baseball as the subject. This seems to be a pretty rare card….too bad the condition isn’t better.

The New Cessna

Cessna 190 and 195 PostcardManufactured between 1947 and 1954, the Cessna 190 and 195 were light general aviation aircraft and the last radial engined designs produced by the company after World War II. On the back:

The Cessnas 190 and 195 have been built to provide the finest personal transportation. These planes stand alone in the postwar field of luxury transportation. With airliner type engines to give the best in reliable, dependable performance, they are built for those whose choice is unrestricted.

Estes Model Rocketry

Estes Model Rocketry PostcardWhat did young nerds do before home computers came along? Why, they built model rockets! I remember waiting waiting weeks for an Estes catalog order to arrive, a common phenomenon in those pre-internet days when orders were mailed off (actual Postal Service mail!) and products weren’t shipped until the check cleared. Once the kit arrived, construction of a rocket involved cutting the fins from sheets of balsa wood, sanding, gluing, and painting the craft your color of choice. (I was partial to the florescent “day-glo” colors that were all the rage then) Once completed, the rocket would be fitted with the appropriate solid-propellent engine and launched on some sort of launch pad. (mine was home-made) They were capable of amazing heights, and often a lengthy search was required to find the rockets after “reentry”. (and some vanished forever, as if swallowed up by the cosmos) If you need a chuckle check out this snapshot of yours truly from back in the day, probably around 1971-72. There I am prepping a rocket for lift-off, ignition courtesy of Mom & Dad’s ’69 Buick LeSabre. Here’s what’s on the back of the postcard:

Rocketeers preparing the rockets they’ve built for countdown and lift-off. It could very well be a scene in your own neighborhood. You can join science minded young people all over America in the space-age hobby of model rocketry. Write for a FREE illustrated color catalog with an exciting variety of safety proved rocket kits, engines and accessories. ESTES INDUSTRIES, Dept. 681-D, Penrose, Colorado 81240.