Naturama postcardThis linen postcard celebrates a spectacular Budweiser advert on Times Square. On the back:

A man-made reproduction of one of Nature’s scenic wonders – realistically illuminated. Acclaimed the premier of all post-war spectacular advertising ideas.
Mammoth in conception, heroic in size and dramatic in effect, it achieves an illusion of vast depth and distance by a play of unseen colored lights on a three-dimensional sculpturing. A million travelers see it daily on Broadway and Forty-Third Street, Times Square, New York.
Anheuser-Busch Inc.

1960 Cushman Scooters

Cushman ScootersAn advertising postcard promoting the 1960 Cushman scooters. On the back:

Beautiful new 1960 Cushman scooters are the modern way to go. Sleekly designed and precision engineered, they offer the ultimate in dynamic performance and low cost of operation. The smart Road King is shown at left in the picture, the dynamic Super Eagle at right.

T.K. Barker & Company

Stamp Collecting PostcardAn advertising postcard from a San Francisco company that sold postage stamps to collectors. This postcard was mailed in 1941, and while I’ve heard that the company advertised in the Boy Scouts of America publication, Boys Life, in the 1930s, they don’t seem to have been in business after the ’40s.


Bevo PostcardSo what was “Bevo” you ask? Bevo (pronounced BEE-vo) was a non-alcoholic malt beverage that Anheuser-Busch introduced in 1916, a soft drink that helped quench the public’s thirst for beer during prohibition. Waning sales prompted Anheuser-Busch to discontinue Bevo in 1929.

1959 Rambler

1959 Rambler postcardNow for something completely different. This advertising postcard features the 1959 Rambler Custom 4-Door Sedan, a vehicle that, let’s face it, did little to enhance anyone’s quality of life. This little honey was made by American Motors, and I’m going to confess that my first new car was an American Motors product: a 1980 AMC Spirit. Yea I know, and you’re not alone in never having heard of the AMC Spirit. (it was sort of a Gremlin spin-off) On the back:

Six passengers big, with plenty of luggage room for family travel. Choice of Economy 6 or Rebel V-8 engines. World’s first car with Personalized Comfort including individually adjustable sofa front seats – adjustable headrests – Airliner Reclining Seats and Twin Travel Beds.