Alligator Pool, San Jacinto Plaza

San Jacinto Plaza Alligator PoolSan Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, Texas. The park was renowned for its alligator pool, which was home to as many as seven gators at one point. From the 1950s through the 1970s several incidences of vandalism took place that injured or killed alligators, and the pool was removed in 1974. You can see another postcard view of the alligator pool here.

Hungry Alligator in Florida

Hungry Alligatorpostcard backI liked this postcard immediately when I spotted it at the antique mall this afternoon, and I really liked it when I saw the back. Not only do you show the folks back home an image of the vicious alligators you encountered, but you also get to tell them about the horrific temperatures you endured!

Alligator Wrestling School

Alligator WrestlingSeminole Indians learning the art of alligator wrestling at Musa Isle. On the back:

Home Of The Seminole Indian
N. W. 25th Ave. & 16th St. Miami, Fla.
The Alligator hide is an Important Source of Livelihood to the Seminoles. They Are Taught from Childhood to Stalk and Capture these Saurians. Exhibition Alligator Wrestling
Hourly From 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Florida Wild Animal Ranch

alligator postcardThe Florida Wild Animal Ranch in St. Petersburg included all sorts of animals, including that perennial favorite of Florida attractions, alligators. On the back:

The Florida Wild Animal Ranch in St. Petersburg, Fla. In a setting of tropical foliage, are exhibited Rare and Beautiful Birds, Strange Wild Animals, Weird Reptiles, Alligators, and Crocodiles. Exhibits from all parts of the world.

Alligator Wrestling by Seminole Indian

Seminole Indian postcardA curious tradition that developed at the Musa Isle Alligator Farm in Miami, Florida: Seminole indians wrestling alligators. On the back:

Home Of The Seminole Indian
N. W. 25th Ave. & 16th St., Miami, Fla.
Here You May See Daily This Thrilling and Unusual Exhibition Of Handling and Wrestling Ferocious Alligators at Musa Isle Alligator Farm. You Will Also See the Largest Collection of Crocodiles in the United States.