Lake Cliff Amusement Park

Lake Cliff Amusement ParkThe Lake Cliff Amusement Park was established in 1906 and immediately became a popular destination for Dallas-area residents. The park featured an eighty foot tall, electrically powered Circular Swing (manufactured by the Traver Circle Swing Company of NYC), a Skating Rink, Carousel, Bathing Pavilion, restaurant, roller coaster, and the ride shown here: “Shoot the Chutes”. A 1906 booklet promoting the park described the ride this way:

In the swift, smooth, gliding descent and the final sensational plunge of the boats into the water, while spray dashes high and the heart is thrilled with the ecstasy of rapid motion, is a something that appeals to the modern love of novelty and exhilaration. That’s the chief reason why the Shoot-the-Chutes is a perpetual favorite.
With spray flying to either side- but not on the passengers, the gondola takes the water as easily and naturally as a sea-gull swoops down on the breast of Old Ocean and settles in its God-given element.
It is noticeable that nearly all who try the Shoot-the-Chutes are not satisfied till they have taken a second ride at least, often several more. A common remark, especially of girls who take the ride, is- ‘I’m going down again and keep my eyes open this time.’