Klein Center Apartments and Cottages

Klein Center ApartmentsPostmarked in 1940, this linen card provides a view of the Klein Center Apartments and Cottages in Hot Springs, Arkansas. On the back:

Klein Center Apartments and Cottages
In Quiet Residential District, Hot Springs Newest and Finest. Free Garage. Geo. Klein, Owner-Mgr. Furnished for Comfort. Well Ventilated. Hardwood Floors Throughout. Tile Tub and Showers. Electrical Refrigeration. Strictly Modern. Rates per Day, Week or Month. Look for Sign on U.S. 7 Central Ave. – Phone 2705

Lum & Abner

Lum & AbnerScarcely remembered today, the characters Lum & Abner were featured on a popular radio show from 1931 to 1954. The comic hillbillies were created and performed by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff who, besides their radio show, also did seven movies between 1940 and 1956. If you’re a fan of old time radio you can find many of their shows on the ‘net.

White City, Little Rock

White City PostcardI’m unclear as to just what “White City” in Little Rock, Arkansas was. I’ve done my usual googling to find an answer, but only found vague references. Was this some sort of municipal park? Perhaps someone can shed some light on this.

Mountain View Tourist Court

Mountain View Tourist Court PostcardThe Mountain View Tourist Court in Hot Springs, Arkansas. A variation of this card can be found that shows the building on the extreme right to be a Sinclair station, but the sign is obscured on this example. On the back:

Sleep in Safety and Comfort without Extravagance. All Modern Conveniences, Mail, Phone and Western Union Service. Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wheatley. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bob Burns Home

Bob Burns Home PostcardOne of the things I enjoy most about doing this blog is all the things I learn along the way, and in researching this postcard I’ve discovered a bit about Bob Burns of Van Buren, Arkansas. A radio and film comedian, Bob Burns was also the inventor of the brasswind musical instrument called a “bazooka”. (The World War II anti-tank weapon came to be called a bazooka because of it’s similarity to the long, tubular instrument) Considered a novelty instrument, Burns used it extensively on his comedic radio programs. Born in 1890, Bob Burns died in 1956.