Easy Come, Easy Go

Roulette Wheel PostcardRoulette, “a popular indoor sport in Nevada”. Ya think? On the back:

The ever-spinning roulette wheel, with its racing ball periodically bouncing into the numbered cups, deciding the fate of chips and stacks of silver dollars, is a familiar sight in most Western gaming houses. Only when the pellet stops its whirling race around the outer groove does the nervous tension of players relax – mounting again to new heights and new hopes with each successive play.

Greetings From Las Vegas

Greetings from Las Vegas PostcardA view of Fremont Street in Las Vegas during the Helldorado Parade. Put on by the local Elks chapter, the Helldorado Festival dates back to 1934 and includes the parade, a rodeo, and carnival. On the back:

“Vegas Vic” waves a hearty welcome as a colorful Helldorado parade makes its way along the famous and historic Fremont Street. This fabulous Maytime spectacle is one of the nation’s most colorful parades.

All Roads Lead to Harrah’s Club

Harrah's Club PostcardA night view of “club row” on Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada, with Harrah’s Club and Walgreen Drugs figuring prominently in the foreground. The linen postcard was published by Colourpicture and has this description on the back:

The main business thoroughfare of Reno, at night, is transformed into a blaze of brilliant lights, featuring many of the City’s famous night spots and casinos.

Harold’s Club

Harold's Club PostcardAn interior view of Harold’s Club in Reno, Nevada, this postcard provides a look at the rustic, cowboy theme that was the hallmark of the casino. On the back:

FORT SMITH IN FAMOUS HAROLD’S CLUB, just off the Roaring Camp Room which has the largest collection of old western guns, wagons and music boxes in the United States.

Fremont Street at Night

Fremont Street PostcardPostmarked in 1958, this is a good view of Fremont Street in Las Vegas in the “good old days” before it was covered and traffic was blocked. There’s a fun message on the back:

“Dear Brother Sagen,
Sorry, but we will not be able to contribute to any special offerings this year.
We lost!
Dorothy & Bill.”