Century of Progress, Wisconsin Exhibit

Century of Progress, WisconsinThis one is a little different from the usual Century of Progress postcard. Showing the Wisconsin Exhibit, the card has this on the back:

at “A Century of Progress” emphasizes the vast recreational resources of the Badger State. Thousands of lakes and countless miles of streams and rivers, teeming with fish, and millions of acres of forest land, welcome you to enjoy the hospitality of the “Playground of the Nation.” Wisconsin’s agriculture and industry have won world-wide recognition for leadership in many lines.

Sinclair Dinosaur Exhibit

Sinclair Dinosaur PostcardHow’s this for a nifty Century of Progress postcard? On the back:

Sinclair Dinosaur Exhibit
The Dinosaur Exhibit built by the Sinclair Refining Company at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago is the first attempt to recreate out-of-doors a portion of the earth’s surface as it existed 100 million years ago. The huge beast shown on this card is a Brontosaurus. He bulked 40 tons in life and was 70 feet long.

Federal Building

Century of Progress PostcardCentury of Progress PostcardCentury of Progress postcards are popular with many collectors, in part because of the historic event they captured, but also because many of them are beautifully rendered images. This pair of colorful linen cards, both printed by Curt Teich, show the distinctive Federal Building at Chicago’s Century of Progress World’s Fair, the first with the Schlitz Palm Garden in the foreground. The back of the second card has this to say about the Federal Building:

The three towers represent the three branches of our Federal Government, Executive, Judicial and Legislative. The sides of the triangles are the Halls of Thirty States, whose flags and shields join with the unusual coloring of the building itself, and makes the interior court an outstanding accomplishment in modern architecture.