Christmas Angel

Christmas AngelA Christmas Angel is featured on this early embossed postcard. The card was mailed in 1908 and published by a company whose logo consisted of a shield that’s emblazoned with a tree and the initials “A.S.B.” Can anyone identify the publisher?

Rooftop Santa

Santa postcardThis embossed Christmas postcard was mailed within Brooklyn, New York in the year 1907. The word that precedes “A Merry Christmas” had me stumped for a while, but I believe that it’s hand-written and denotes that the card was sent to someones “Gamma”.

Christmas Cherub

Christmas cherub postcardA Christmas postcard showing an angel or cherub gathering holly and mistletoe. Also found in a version that has gold on the wings and gold stars in the sky, the back of the embossed card has a logo consisting of the letters “G-A”.

Santa With Toys

Santa postcardThis embossed Christmas postcard features what has to be one of my favorite depictions of Santa. On the back:

Jan. 1st 1917
Dear little Sister; –
a card today as you did not get your New Years card. What are you doing these days? Have you school yet? I am looking for [..?..] & snow. I am waiting for a sled ride. Did you have much fun in the snow? I guess this will be all for this time as I must go to work. Wish you could come and see me.
From Mildred
Bye Bye