First M.E. Church, Duluth, Minnesota

First Methodist Church, DuluthWhile extremely difficult to read, the bottom of this postcard reveals this to be the First M.E. Church in Duluth, Minnesota. Ever wonder what an “M.E.” church was? The letters stand for Methodist Episcopal, and denotes the first iteration of what would come to be called simply, the Methodist Church. The card is postally unused, but has this message on the back:

Mr. Blakesley is in Vancouver, British Columbia. You bet it’s getting cold here. It snowed about four inches last night. I was to a Halloween party last night. Had a pretty good time.

Great Falls Methodist Church

Methodist Church PostcardThe Methodist Church in Great Falls, published by the Charles E. Morris Co. of Chinook, Montana. On the back is a snippet pertaining to Great Falls:

GREAT FALLS, MONT. The ‘Cascade City’ on the upper Missouri. Population 22,000. Seat of Cascade County. Head of navigation on the Missouri River. Has unsurpassed natural resources of all kinds.

First Presbyterian, Pasadena

First Presbyterian Church PostcardThe First Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. I have a number of church postcards that were mailed in the first decade of the 20th century by an individual going by the initials, “M.A.K.”  From the messages on these cards it’s clear that this person travelled a great deal to see various churches, the correspondence often referencing their architectural aspects. This postcard was published by Newman Post Card Co. and mailed in 1908.