Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

Euclid Avenue PostcardEuclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio was of considerable renown in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly for the area known as “Millionaire’s Row”. The mansions found there included the residences of such notables as John D. Rockefeller, but during the 1920s Millionaire’s Row went into decline as commercial interests moved ever eastward down Euclid Avenue. This undivided back view shows Euclid’s business section as it appeared around 1910. Unfortunately this monochromatic postcard isn’t of the “real photo” variety, and lacks the detail found in a RPPC.

The Cleveland Public Auditorium

Cleveland Public Auditorium PostcardProduced by Curt Teich, this linen postcard shows the Cleveland Public Auditorium. On the back:

One of the city’s group plan buildings 213 feet by 590 feet. It has an auditorium and stage seating 18,000 persons, a music hall of 2,750 seats, a large ball room and numerous smaller convention halls. It is one of the largest convention and exposition halls in the world.

Sixth City

Cleveland, Ohio PostcardThis view of Cleveland, Ohio was published by the Braun Post Card Co. and printed by Curt Teich. Reminiscent of the more recent trend of “branding”, the postcard features a distinctive Cleveland logo and Sixth City slogan, a motto that was established in 1910 to celebrate Cleveland’s new status as the sixth most populous city in the nation.

The Sheraton-Cleveland Hotel

Sheraton-Cleveland Hotel PostcardThis colorful (“garish” might be a better word) chrome postcard promotes the Sheraton-Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. On the back:

Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio 44101
Tel: (216) 861-8000       Teletype: 312-222-0749

“The best location in the nation.” Direct access to the City’s financial, theatrical and shopping centers. Beautifully redecorated and air-conditioned guest rooms, all with free TV and radio. For outstanding dining and beverages, The Bunch of Grapes, a colonial tavern, The Falstaff Room, and Kon-Tiki Restaurant, a Polynesian Room. Family Plan.
Insured Reservations at Guaranteed Rates Confirmed in Seconds via Sheraton’s Exclusive RESERVATRON II.

Wade Park Manor

Wade Park Manor postcardWade Park Manor was Cleveland, Ohio’s most luxurious address when it opened in 1923. The eleven-story hotel had 143 suites, and overlooked the Cleveland Museum of Art’s lagoon. The hotel survived the great depression but was never the same, falling into decline until it became a retirement facility in 1964. I suspect that this card hails from the white-border era, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t have a white border! It was printed by E.C. Kropp.