Greetings from Coney Island

Greetings from Coney IslandGreetings from Coney Island, published by Theodor Eismann. (indicated by the “Theochrom” marking on the back) Given that Eismann only produced postcards between 1908 and 1914, this unmailed card can be dated somewhere between 1908 and and the year that the Dreamland park was destroyed by fire, 1911.


Greetings from Coney Island — 5 Comments

  1. Brian PaperSponge:
    I’m speechless.That postcard design is amazing.I’ve never seen another one like it.Just —- Wow!

    It’s sort of a feast for the eyes, isn’t it? I don’t usually buy individual cards, but this one was just too neat to pass up!


  2. This is the kind of card that makes me want to stay away from Coney Island today…only because I wouldn’t want the way it is today to taint my image of it from cards like this. This postcard is simply fabulous.


  3. I have got 4 of designs. They have been posted with date 1911. This the only place I have seen the design. Could anyone tell me if they are valuable found a scrap book full of postcards all from the same date sent from the usa to the uk? Thanks


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