Dog Lost

Lost Dog PostcardPostmarked in 1911, this touching card has no markings that I can decipher, only “F & W” on the illustration and “Copyright 1910 By A. Blue” below it. There’s also a message on the reverse:

“Dear Daisy: Please excuse me for not writing sooner. I have been so busy with the play that I don’t know hardly what I am doing. Wish you could be here to go to the play.”

Who Whistled?

Dog PostcardBack of PostcardThis well-worn, dare I say it, dog-eared, postcard is unmailed, but has an interesting message written on the back. It’s a very Victorian sentiment, and reads:

“A smile comes very easy – you can wrinkle up with cheer
A hundred times before you can squeeze out a soggy tear.
It ripples out, moreover, to the heart strings that will tug,
And always leave an echo that is easy like a hug.
So, smile away. Folks understand what by a smile is meant,
It’s worth a million dollars and doesn’t cost a cent.”