Easter Greetings: Babies With Hammers

Easter postcardIt’s finds like this that keep me interested in vintage postcards. There’s just something about this image, babies cracking open eggs with hammers, that really speaks to my inner surrealist. Dating from approx. 1910, this unusual Easter scene was painted by the renowned Swedish illustrator Jenny Nystrom.

E is for Easter

Easter PostcardAn early embossed Easter postcard with a bunny and two chicks. It’s interesting to note that Google searches for “Easter postcards” draws more people to Postcard Roundup than just about any other. (Stone Mountain is another biggie) Anyone know what’s going on here with the sticks/string?

Weighing Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Scale PostcardI’ve always considered Easter postcards to be some of the most imaginative holiday cards, as with this rather thought-provoking image. Perhaps I’m just too sentimental, but I find myself really impacted by the message on the reverse, a charming correspondence that was sent so long ago:

Dear Aunt Addie,
Hello, this post card is for you from your little niece. Lottie