Palm Plaza Motel

Palm Plaza MotelThe Palm Plaza Motel in Winter Park, Florida. On the back:

Palm Plaza Motel
459 S. Orlando Ave.
Winter Park, Florida
Phone 4-1581
On U.S. Highway 17 & 92 – 5 Minutes North of downtown Orlando.
Air-Conditioned or Cross Ventilated Rooms. Over-Night or Weekly. Twin and Double Beds. Some with Kitchenettes. Convenient Parking Space at rear doors.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hurley
Associate Owners and Managers
Phone or write for Reservations

Aerial View of Marine Studios

Marine Studios, FloridaAn aerial view of Florida’s Marineland. On the back:

An aerial view of Marineland, Florida showing Marine Studios, the world’s only oceanarium and only specially designed underwater motion picture studio. Marineland is located 18 miles south of Saint Augustine and 35 miles north of Daytona Beach on the Ocean Shore Blvd., (Florida #140).