Golden Gate Casino

Golden Gate Casino postcardFirst opened at 1 Fremont Street in 1906, in 1907 the Nevada Hotel was assigned the first phone number in Las Vegas, “1”. In 1931, when gambling was legalized in Nevada, the hotel was expanded and renamed the “Sal Sagev”, Las Vegas spelled backwards. Ultimately the entire Hotel and Casino complex came to be known as the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, and is still doing business today. Based on the cars (I see a 1965 Mustang), this card must date from around 1966.


Golden Gate Casino — 2 Comments

  1. My parents visited Las Vegas in the late sixties and stayed at that precise hotel. It must have looked just like in the postcard.


  2. Nevada Hotel did open in 1906, and the Golden Nugget casino today claims to be the oldest in Vegas. Hotel Nevada, Sal Sagev, and Golden Nugget (which opened in 1955) were separate businesses, not one in the same. The big block closest to the camera was an addition to the hotel in the mid 60s.


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