Volumes of Good Wishes

good wishes postcardJust the card to send to your literary-minded friends. Mailed from Camden, West Virginia on December 31, 1910, the message on the back reads:

Hello Emma, How are you? I am well. I received your card all O.K. I wish you a Happy New Year. From W.S.J.

The Billiken

Billiken postcardCreated by art teacher and illustrator Florence Pretz of St. Louis, Missouri, the Billiken was a good-luck charm doll that was patented in 1908. Said to have come to Pretz in a dream, the Billiken was hugely popular, inspiring songs and even becoming the athletic mascot of Saint Louis University, a status it still retains.

Elsie and Elmer

Borden's PostcardThe back of this postcard tells it all:

Elmer is at the left, Elsie at right, and young Beauregard in his playpen. Elsie’s dressing table, made of barrels, has milk bottle lamps and her toiletries include Tail Wave Set, Henna Fur Glaze and Meadow Mud Pack. Elmer’s chair is made of actual wheels with barrel stoves for rockers. The sampler over the mantel, Elsie did when she was just a heifer. The candle sticks are half ears of corn and the bed ladders have scythe-handles for supports. Books in the breakfront include The Farmer With Cold Hands, Animal Husbandry and Wifery, and Bulliver’s Travels. Elsie’s dressing table mirror is a large frying pan and the floor lamp is an old churn.