Greetings From Niantic, Connecticut

Niantic, Connecticut PostcardThis Greetings from Niantic postcard isn’t very old, or even particularly interesting, at least not until yesterday. You see, I was pricing a box of postcards to take up to the antique mall where I deal in postcards, and this one served nicely as a marker to keep between the priced and yet-to-be-priced cards. Having left the room for a moment, I returned to find that the card was no longer stuck vertically between the cards, Postcard-Eating Catbut had been pulled out and lying on top of the others. Upon close inspection I discovered four holes, punched into the postcard with a symmetry that seemed familiar somehow. (you can see a close-up here) I soon determined that the card had fallen victim to a vicious cat attack. After the initial horror had subsided, I proceeded to find the culprit. Given that we have a multiple-cat household a bit of forensic research was in order, and close scrutiny of the bite radius revealed that Simon, a rather large gray and white tabby, had committed the heinous crime. The lesson learned? Watch those cats!


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