Halloween Precautions

Halloween PostcardFeaturing a witch, owl, and jack o’ lantern, this is one of a series of postcards that include “Halloween precautions” intended to keep you safe from malevolent spirits during the holiday. The card was mailed in 1910 and has “HALLOWEEN SERIES NO 2” printed on the reverse with no indication of the publisher.

Read Your Fate

Halloween PostcardIt’s common for halloween cards to include a snippet of folklore associated with the holiday, and such is the case with this example. The unmailed card gives no indication as to the publisher, printer, or artist.

To Greet You Heartily This Halloween

Halloween PostcardAnother of those imaginative Halloween postcards, one that includes three jack o’ lanterns (two of them green!) and a crazy-looking black cat. I don’t know the publisher of this embossed card, but it does have a tiny logo/icon on the back that appears to show a child dropping a postcard into a mailbox.

Strange Sights Are Seen

Halloween PostcardI suppose I could have waited ’till October to post this one, but I decided to share it now rather than risk misplacing it over the next four months. (I’m bad about that) This image is strange for sure, isn’t it? The divided back card was postmarked on Oct. 31st of 1910, a year that’s right in the middle of that “golden age” of Halloween postcards.