Health Rays of the Sun

Miami Beach postcardThis postcard was postmarked in 1950, and the back reads, “Scientists claim as much as 15,000 tons of soot and dirt, per square mile, in the air over the industrial cities of our country, thus lessening the power of the Ultra Violet Rays of the Sun. Miami Beach has no soot nor dirt, consequently those health given rays of ‘ole Sol’ are at their best, and should be taken in SMALL DOSES, to avoid serious burns.”


Health Rays of the Sun — 4 Comments

  1. Matthew:
    Is this royalty free. Meaning is it free to the public for them to use?

    I get that question a lot, and I can’t say with any authority whether they’re free to use or not. (wish I knew how to find out!)


  2. Matthew:
    I did some research and found out that they are. Thomas Blake, Digital Projects Manager, Boston Public Library has confirmed that they were published without a copyright notice, and are therefore public domain in the USA

    Way to research Matthew, thank you!


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