Spatter Cones

Idaho Craters PostcardAn unusual geological formation in Idaho called “spatter cones”. On the back:

This interesting scenic attraction is about 25 miles southwest of Arco on the Idaho Central Highway, easily accessible to tourists on the way to or from Yellowstone National Park. Spatter cones were formed by an accumulation of molten lava expelled by gas pressure in the form of “lava clots”. There are numerous cones, caverns, natural bridge formations, tree molds, etc.

Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello, Idaho PostcardWest Center Street in Pocatello, Idaho. I’ve never been in Pocatello. In fact, I’ve never been to the state of Idaho at all, but I’ll bet it’s a swell place. The first thing I noticed about this linen card was the cars, all seemingly rendered from a photographic source, except for that brown car coming up the road. Doesn’t it look like it was drawn into the scene after the fact? The card was published by Moore News Co. in Pocatello, and printed by E.C. Kropp.