John McDonogh Monument

John McDonogh Monument PostcardThe McDonogh Monument in New Orleans, Louisiana. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, millionaire merchant John McDonogh died in 1850 and split his fortune between that city and his adopted one, New Orleans, and per his request the money was used for the construction of public schools. McDonogh wished to have flowers placed at his grave each year, a ritual that would become “McDonogh Day”, when the school children of New Orleans would honor him with the presentation of flowers. After the McDonogh family moved his remains to Baltimore in 1860 the ceremony continued at the original grave site for years. With donations collected from school children over a period of six years, this monument was built and dedicated in 1898, and would be the location of McDonogh Day festivities through the 1950s. The monument reads: “”To John McDonogh from the Public School Children of New Orleans, 1892 – 1898.” On the back:

John McDonogh, who became a recluse after being disappointed in love in New Orleans, left half his large fortune to the cause of education in New Orleans, 32 public schools have been built with the money he left. His monument in Lafayette Square was built with the dimes of grateful school children and every year in May it is buried in flowers by them.


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  1. I have a John McDonogh monument postcard with a 3 cent stamp on it and am trying to fine the value of it. I also have one of the Lafayette square showing the post office in New Orleans, dated on the back 1928.


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