Wichita Municipal Airport

Wichita Municipal AirportTwo views of the municipal airport in Wichita, Kansas. On the back:

The Administration Building of the Municipal Airport houses the offices of the airlines, government weather bureau, pilot’s quarters and coffee shop. It is the headquarters of the activities on this nationally famous airport. The Administration Building is six miles from the city and is reached by a four-lane diagonal highway.

Rural Kansas

Kansas RPPCBack of RPPCI’m not sure why, but I find that I’m increasingly interested in real photo postcards, particularly those with personal subject-matter. (as opposed to the commercially distributed views) This one was sourced from a huge collection of real photo postcards that originated in Nebraska. They clearly had friends/family in Kansas, and this rural scene was mailed from Kansas (possibly Blue Rapids) to Esther Novotny in Clarkson, Nebraska on June 10, 1919. Written on the back:

Esther’s grow in Kansas. Once in a while I wonder if the frosting come of yet. It’s funny, I’ll say so. Oh yes, somebody ask me how you was getting along. Last Sunday I told him I did not see you… I expect alright. Fred S. ask me Sunday if I want to go to Clarkson Saturday with them. I don’t know yet because I am pretty busy and it’s been raining so much.
Best Regards to your folks and Will.

Highland University

Highland University postcardThis real photo postcard shows Highland University in Highland, Kansas and probably dates from around 1910. Finding historical info on Highland University has been difficult to say the least. Some sources say it was founded in 1837, when a school for Iowa and Sac Indians was established, while others say the school was developed from the Highland Presbyterian Academy in 1857. If the year of its founding is unclear, the time of its closing is even more murky, but it does appear that it became a 2-year school in 1920. Today Highland Community College claims to be a descendant of the University, and is therefore the oldest college in the state.

100th Meridian Motel

100th Meridian MotelThe 100th Meridian Motel in Dodge City, Kansas. On the back:

On U.S. 50 West Edge, Dodge City, Kansas.
Where the 100th Meridian crosses the Arkansas River was the southwest corner of the Louisiana Territory. Owned by Spain thru discovery; traded to France by treaty; bought by U.S. in 1803. South of the River was the Republic of Texas; west of the 100th Meridian was Old Mexico. This intersection is the only place in the U.S.A. where the flags of five nations could have flown from one flag pole.

Riverside Park, Wichita

Riverside ParkThis one has me puzzled. I’ve been unable to find any reference to the unusual fountain shown on this real photo postcard, and I thought everything was on the internet! I’m guessing the location is Wichita, Kansas…and why do you suppose the sign/plaque is covered?

Stafford, Kansas Snow

Snow in Stafford, KansasSo many real photo postcards include no information as to the time or place, but once in a while someone was considerate enough to explain a scene that otherwise would be left a mystery. The handwritten notations read: “Looked like another 1886. Not so cold. Snow just piled up. Stafford, Ks. Feb. 13 – 1919. Some as high as 25 ft.”

Kansas State Reformatory

Kansas Reformatory PostcardThe Kansas State Reformatory, Hutchinson, Kansas. This is an interesting card, but it’s the verses on the back that make it fun:

My boy brace up and change your ways,
Or here is where you will end your days.
The straight road is the best in the long run,
Taking sugars & butters will put you on the bum,
So to end a long and very sad story,
I predict your future in this Re-form-a-tory.

Sands Motel

Sands Motel PostcardPostmarked in 1966, this chrome card offers three scintillating views of the Sands Motel in Wichita, Kansas. On the back:

28 Units of comfort with wall to wall carpeting, central heat, air conditioned, telephones, television and heated pool. Owned and operated by Eileen and John Mickelson.
8401 West Highway U. S. 54