Lexington Post Office

Lexington, Kentucky P.O.This white border postcard was mailed to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in Cleveland, Ohio on October 2nd 1928. The card features a view of the post office in Lexington, Kentucky, and has this message written on the reverse:

Spent the evening at a Moving Picture Show at Lexington, Ky. Staying at the La Fayette Hotel. Intend to continue our trip early tomorrow morning.
Edwin & Alice

Hidden River, Horse Cave

Horse CaveA foot bridge across an underground river within Kentucky’s Horse Cave. (aka Hidden River Cave) The nicely hand-colored postcard was printed by The Albertype Co. of Brooklyn, New York (“Post Cards of Quality”), and has this description of the scene on the back:

Foot Bridge across Hidden River

Foot-bridge across Hidden River, 225 feet underground. This is the only actively flowing stream in any of the publicly exhibited caves in Kentucky. It has been known to rise as much as 125 feet at times and has been harnessed to supply the town with electric lights and water.

Wooldridge Monuments

Wooldridge MonumentsLocated within the Maplewood Cemetery in Mayfield, Kentucky, the construction of these eighteen monuments were commissioned by Colonel Henry G. Wooldridge between 1892 and 1899. But the only one buried on this lot is Colonel Wooldridge himself. A lifelong bachelor, Wooldridge lost the last of his sisters in 1892 and, with no remaining family, was inspired to commemorate his loved ones and other significant people in his life.

Busy Day in Bowling Green

Bowling Green PostcardA busy day indeed! It seems that not only was Bowling Green occupied by a preponderance of Model-T’s, but they had a serious pedestrian problem as well. And in the middle of it all is a poor fireman trying to navigate a horse-drawn engine. The original photo no doubt captured an event of significance, but there’s no reference to it here.

The Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky

Seelbach Rathskeller PostcardGiven that this postcard doesn’t have a description on the back I was unclear on just what was being depicted, but a little Googling fixed me right up. Located in the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, the card provides a look at the “Rathskeller”, a German term for a restaurant in the town-hall cellar. This restaurant is extraordinary, as it is heavily decorated with tiles and such created by the renowned Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati, Ohio. The hotel is still in operation, and the Rathskeller is available for private events.

Two Typical Kentuckians

Kentuckian PostcardThis amusing linen card is interesting because of a faint line of text on the front immediately below, “Two Typical Kentuckians, Personality and Mint Julep”. The first word is particularly hard to decipher, but the line appears to read, “relics almost extinct”. The description on the back is also fun:

The moonlight falls the softest, The Summer days come oftest, Friendship is the strongest, Love’s light glows the longest, Plain girls are the fewest, Their little hearts are truest, Maidens’ eyes the bluest, The song birds are the sweetest, The thoroughbreds are fleetest, The Landscape is the grandest, And Politics – the damndest.