West on Seventh

Seventh Street, Los AngelesA flurry of activity on Seventh Street in Los Angeles. The unmailed postcard has this message on the reverse:

This is always a very busy spot – day or night. Some difference between this city & Providence R.I.  Don’t you notice it’s a little bigger city than Waldoboro or Rockland, ME?
Love from Rosalind

Eddie “Rochester” Anderson

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson postcardComedian Eddie Anderson worked his way through vaudeville and became a star playing Jack Benny’s valet “Rochester” on the radio hit, The Jack Benny Show. Anderson’s radio and film success made him truly wealthy, but property restrictions imposed against African-Americans limited his home-shopping options. This large estate was built in a neighborhood of smaller homes, the West Adams area of Los Angeles.

King’s Tropical Inn

King's Tropical Inn PostcardFamous for their chicken dinners, this postcard shows King’s Tropical Inn. The description on the back says, “O.O. McIntyre likes our chicken dinners. So will you!” You may wonder who O.O. McIntyre was, as did I. His full name was Oscar Odd McIntyre, and he was a famed New York newspaper columnist of the 1920s and 1930s. His column, “New York Day by Day,” was syndicated to more than 500 newspapers nationwide.

The Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile PostcardWilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, also known as the “Miracle Mile.” Photo credit for the postcard image is given to “Dick” Whittington, and being the curious sort I discovered that the “Dick” Whittington Studio was founded by Wayne Whittington and was the largest photography studio in the Los Angeles area from 1924 to 1987. How about that? On the back of the postcard:

Many attractive suburban shopping districts are part of Los Angeles. The “Miracle Mile” so named because of its rapid development, and is one of the most interesting. Many of the leading downtown retail and department stores have established beautiful and unique shops along this “Fifth Avenue of the West.”

Home of Jackie Coogan

Home of Jackie CooganA hugely popular child actor of the silent era, Jackie Coogan later sued his mother and stepfather for squandering his earnings, resulting in the establishment of “The Coogan Act” to provide legal protection for child performers. For those unfamiliar with his exploits on the silent screen, you might remember Coogan for his role (many years later) as Uncle Fester on The Addams Family. The nifty vehicle piloted by Jackie is a “Custer Car”, a battery-powered auto that was often found at carnivals and amusement parks.

New Hotel Rosslyn

New Rosslyn Hotel PostcardI like this Hotel Rosslyn postcard, with the heart logo pointing out the hotel and the “annex”. The annex must have been for ner-do-wells, sort of like steerage on the Titanic. (now that’s just funny) They’ve also provided an arrow to direct one to the auto entrance….which is far from those losers in the annex, by the way.