Florida’s Most Colorful Spots

Colorful Florida Postcard“Colorful Florida’s Most Colorful Spots”, presented on this linen postcard from Tichnor, including such attractions as Cypress Gardens, Marine Studios, and the Bok Tower. On the back:

The State of Florida, mecca for those who live sunshine and flowers, has many outstanding attractions that are not only interesting and beautiful but also educational and appeal alike to the nature lover, the student and the camera fan.

The Best Place on Earth

Catskill Mountains PostcardDescribed as “The Best Place on Earth”, this white border postcard features a map of all the fun to be had in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Produced by the Miller Art Co., it was mailed in 1936 and has this message on the back: “Sunday – This is a pretty place. It is the home town of Rip Van Winkle. Left New York this morning and stop at Saratoga Springs tonight – Crowley.”

California Missions

California Missions postcard“The founding of the Spanish Missions in California furnished an epic in history. These historical monuments are reminders of the great Franciscan adventure. Years of patient labor, decades of heroic sacrifice by Fray Junipera Serra and his Franciscan brothers lie behind the era of the founding of the twenty-one Missions and their branches, the ruins of which still stand in wonder and beauty at various points along 600 miles of California’s glorious coastal region.”

Texas Map

Texas Map postcardE.C. Kropp Co. published state map postcards to represent the entire union, this one featuring Texas. The reverse has a list describing the various images:

  1. Coyote
  2. White Hereford
  3. Rattlesnake
  4. Rambouillet
  5. Palamino Horse
  6. Texas Longhorn
  7. Deer
  8. Matador Engaging Bull
  9. Angora Goats

Georgia Sights

Georgia Map postcardPrinted by E.C. Kropp Co., this linen postcard features a map of Georgia overlaying sights of interest. A description of the views is found on the back:

  1. Goat Rock Dam, Columbus
  2. Tybee Lighthouse, Savannah Beach
  3. Wesleyan Conservatory, Macon
  4. Campus Entrance, University of Georgia, Athens
  5. State Capitol, Atlanta
  6. Entrance to National Military Cemetery, Marietta
  7. The Docks at Brunswick
  8. James U. Jackson Memorial Bridge, Augusta
  9. Administration Building, Fort Benning
  10. Cotton Picking

Romantic Highways

Romantic Highways postcardOn the back:
“Southern California’s highways are the most romantic in the world. It is literally but a moment from thriving modern cities to the sleeping haciendas of the early Spanish Rancheros. An hour’s drive takes one from the shores of the beautiful Pacific to snow capped peaks, with golden flecked orange trees nestling in the valleys below. Resorts abound everywhere, and historical missions mark the route of the Padres. Modernity harmonizes charmingly with evidence everywhere of its glorious past.”