The University School of Music

School of Music, Lincoln, NebraskaThe University School of Music in Lincoln, Nebraska, “The Great Music School of the West”. The postcard was mailed in 1911 and has this typed on the reverse (in purple ink):

The fourth regular term of The University School of Music begins April 8th.

Omaha Cattle Pens

Omaha Cattle PensAmong the Cattle Pens, Stock Yards, South Omaha, Neb.  Mailed from Omaha on July 18, 1908, there’s a written message on the reverse:

What’s Eddies address? It’s awfully dull here now. When are you coming home? Hurry up and we’ll play some tennis before I go. I leave the 28th. Haven’t played tennis but twice since you’ve been gone.

Capital Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska

Capital Avenue, Omaha, NebraskaThis view of Capital Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska, postmarked 1911, caught my eye because of the curious obelisk located in the middle of the street. What could this be, I asked myself, a civil war memorial? A horse trough? Perhaps a U.F.O?  As it turns out, it appears to have indeed been a horse trough, donated by The National Humane Alliance. Founded by Hermon Lee Ensign in 1897, the goal of the National Humane Alliance was to “spread about humanitarian ideas among the people.” The humanitarian goals included proper treatment of animals, hence the troughs. Dozens of cities across the U.S. were given similar troughs between 1904 and 1912.

North Platte Welcome Arch

North Platte PostcardThis North Platte, Nebraska welcome arch was erected in 1912 across the Lincoln Highway at the western city limits, but was taken down in 1958 when the road was widened. Mailed from Wyoming to Minnesota in 1942, the postcard has this message on the back:

“Hi There –
We’re in the heart of the rockies at Rollins, Wyoming tonight. Lots of snow on the mountains. Thanks again for the nice time we had with you folks –
Helen & Bill Irons”

Boys Town Apartments

Boys Town PostcardBoys Town PostmarkHere’s a look at the grade school boys apartments at Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. The home has it’s own post office, and this card has been stamped with that famous postmark. On the back:

“Hello ol dear how are you? We are soon to go on a trip thru the grounds. Mailing from here you get the post mark of the Town. To-day will be warm. It was foggy on way in Shelby.
Be good – be seeing you.
Love, Grace.”