Atlantic City Convention Hall

Atlantic City Convention CenterOn the back: “The Convention Hall, possibly the largestd in the world, covers seven acres of ground and can seat the entire permanent population of Atlantic City at one time, with room to spare. The main Auditorium is used for exhibition purposes, ice skating carnivals and even made into a full-sized football field.”

Avenue of Tents

Ocean Grove, New JerseyLocated within Monmouth County, New Jersey, Ocean Grove is an unincorporated community that was founded in 1869. The Jersey Shore retreat was established as a location for camp meetings by the Methodist Church, with the iconic “Tent City” being a part of the place from the beginning. Originally numbering 600, today there are 114 tents, each rented for between $4000-$5000 for the duration of the summer. Postmarked in 1911, on the back of the postcard is written, “This is where we will spend next summer.”