Heinz Dome, New York World’s Fair

Heinz Dome, New York World's FairThe H.J. Heinz Company had a substantial presence at the 1939 Fair in the form of the “Heinz Dome”. A sculpture by Raymond G. Barger, the “Goddess of Perfection,” was on display inside the dome in ’39 and mounted on top of the dome the following year.


Naturama postcardThis linen postcard celebrates a spectacular Budweiser advert on Times Square. On the back:

A man-made reproduction of one of Nature’s scenic wonders – realistically illuminated. Acclaimed the premier of all post-war spectacular advertising ideas.
Mammoth in conception, heroic in size and dramatic in effect, it achieves an illusion of vast depth and distance by a play of unseen colored lights on a three-dimensional sculpturing. A million travelers see it daily on Broadway and Forty-Third Street, Times Square, New York.
Anheuser-Busch Inc.

Riverside Inn

Riverside Inn, Saranac LakeThe Riverside Inn was originally called Blood’s Hotel, and was opened by Orlando Blood on July 4, 1860. Located in the Adirondack Mtn. village of Saranac Lake, the inn would prove a popular residence for draft dodgers and those who had paid another to take their place on the battlefields of the civil war. The historic inn, visited more than once by Mark Twain, was torn down in the 1930s.
The postcard was copyrighted by Detroit Publishing in 1909 and can be compared to the original photograph on which it was based, shown below. Comparison of the two images show a few subtle differences, particularly the removal of the phone and power lines to clean up the scene on the postcard.

Riverside Inn Photo