Niagara Falls Museum

Niagara Falls Museum PostcardHere’s a linen postcard featuring the Niagara Falls Museum. First opened in 1827, this card shows the fourth iteration of the Canadian museum, a building that housed the collection from 1888 to 1958. From the description it appears that the museum had, and apparently still has, an interesting assortment of curiosities:

containing the largest and most complete collection of the Natural History of America ever got together; the rarest collection of Ancient and Modern Curios on the Continent; the Largest Tree ever taken from the forest – 77 feet in circumference; the most perfect Mastodon remains ever discovered; and the most interesting collection of deformities in the world.

Ice Cave, Niagara Falls

Ice CaveI came across several postcards that have an identical layout, the picture positioned to the left, the top corners severely rounded. The images remind me of those found on old stereo cards, and I wonder if that might be their origin.

Trolley Through the Gorge

Niagara Falls Gorge PostcardTrolley passing through the gorge at Niagara Falls. The white border postcard has this oddly worded description on the back:

Trolley Line Through the Gorge,
Niagara Falls

The ruggedness and picturesqueness of nature about Niagara Falls has been seriously modified by the arts of man, the latest invasion being the construction of a Trolley Line through the Gorge, starting at Prospect Park and passing close to Whirlpool Rapids and the River, until it reaches Queenstown Heights. The ride is one of the sensations of pleasure and surprise, which sometimes approaches trepidation, as towering rocks, looming threateningly over the tracks cut through bluffs, produce a feeling of insecurity.

Hotel Converse

Hotel Converse postcardOddly enough, I haven’t been able to find out much about the Hotel Converse. Postcard evidence shows the Hotel to date back at least to the 1930s, and I’ve also seen ads from the ’50s. The rest comes from the back of the card:

325 First Street — Niagara Falls, N. Y.
This new modern hotel of one hundred rooms, sixty-five with private bath, offers accommodations of the better type at rates within reach of all. Its location, just two blocks from the great falls of Niagara is so central that it makes the ideal stopping place.
Under Ownership Management — H. S. Converse, Mgr.