Carnivore House

Carnivora HouseOne of the things I enjoy about sharing vintage postcards here is the learning process that accompanies it. I routinely discover an interesting card, the subject of which I’m unfamiliar, and with a bit of googling I’ve learned something. But this view of “Carnivora House” in Walbridge Park, Toledo, Ohio proved challenging. But once Ivan Van Laningham pointed out that the word Carnivora was a typographical error things fell into place. As it turns out,the Carnivore House was originally where the large cats and gorillas resided at the Toledo Zoo. In the early ’90s the structure was converted to a Cafe called the Carnivore Cafe. Clever.

Motordrome, Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio MotordromeI’m fascinated by the history of the old board track “motordromes” that hosted auto and motorcycle racing in the early 20th century, and I just about flip when I find one of them on a postcard. The back-story on these tracks is hard to obtain, but supposedly this one in Columbus, Ohio was only active for a season or two before financial troubles shut it down.