Forestry Building, Portland

Portland Forestry Building PostcardThe Forestry Building in Portland, Oregon, erected for the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial American Pacific Exposition and Oriental Fair. Destroyed by fire in 1964, it was replaced by a new building in 1971. This divided back card was mailed in 1907 and published by W. G. MacFarlane, a company that was active from around 1901 to 1914.

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge PostcardTimberline Lodge PostcardTwo chrome postcard of Oregon’s Timberline Lodge, the top card postmarked in 1954, the bottom in 1956. Constructed on the south side of Mt. Hood in the late ’30s, the Timberline Lodge was used for the exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel in the 1980 horror film, The Shining.

United Air Lines

United Air Lines MenuI’m not sure why one would want to send the folks back home an in-flight menu, but here you go! On the back:

Fleecy clouds float lazily above the blue waters of Crater Lake, Oregon. Only United Air Lines links the beautiful Pacific Northwest with California, the Midwest and All the East.

Mt. Jefferson, Oregon

Mt. Jefferson PostcardPublished by the Portland Post Card Co., I suspect this is one of their earlier efforts, as it has a different look from most of their products. The image is washed-out to begin with, a condition made more pronounced by the cards extremely matte finish.