Pikes Peak Switchbacks

Pikes Peak PostcardPostcard BackThis is one of several Colorado views sent my way by Christine at The Daily Postcard. A generous girl, that one….be sure to visit her site! No one knows how many postcards have captured this very scene, but I’ve acquired several without even trying. My favorite part of this linen Pikes Peak view, produced by E.C. Kropp, is the typed correspondence on the back. Adding a generic, impersonal touch to the sales pitch, the salutation is “Dear Sir” but it’s addressed to a Mrs. Peral!

Pikes Peak Avenue

Pikes Peak PostcardPikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with the Antlers Hotel standing proudly in the distance. The linen card, published by Sanborn Souvenir, has this description on the reverse:

“Pikes Peak Avenue is a broad and stately street pointing directly toward the Peak from which it is named that looms above it. At the west it terminates at the Antlers Hotel whose graceful towers form a perfect “sight” like those on a rifle for the view of Pikes Peak. In the summer season it is thronged with visitors of every station in life from every state and country, for the Avenue is the center of tourist activity. Few who have traversed its broad pavements will forget it as it is one of the most impressive street spectacles in the world.”

Wonder Trip of America

Pikes Peak PostcardThis divided back postcard shows a scenic view of Pikes Peak, publisher/printer unknown. On the back:

To the summit of which runs the
Colorado Springs – Manitou, Colorado

This new Auto Road to the summit of Pikes Peak is, without question, the Wonder Trip of America