Pikes Peak Switchbacks

Pikes Peak PostcardPostcard BackThis is one of several Colorado views sent my way by Christine at The Daily Postcard. A generous girl, that one….be sure to visit her site! No one knows how many postcards have captured this very scene, but I’ve acquired several without even trying. My favorite part of this linen Pikes Peak view, produced by E.C. Kropp, is the typed correspondence on the back. Adding a generic, impersonal touch to the sales pitch, the salutation is “Dear Sir” but it’s addressed to a Mrs. Peral!


Pikes Peak Switchbacks — 2 Comments

  1. I do love it when people type on postcards, but these Colorado views are mostly good for their humor value. Oh boy, another postcard of a road!

    I also had quite the collection of caves with stalactites, interior views of Mt. Vernon, and deer.


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