Blue Rapids

Blue Rapids RPPCThis one was mailed from Blue Rapids, Kansas to Esther Novotny in Clarkson, Nebraska on October 13, 1920. I didn’t see it at first, but the man at the left is holding a rather substantial camera at his side. This card came from a large collection of real photo postcards, all from a single family. The branches of this family tree are complex, with family members apparently residing in Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. On the back:

Home again, working again down in the good old Kansas sunflower state. You tell Erin[Em?] we still remember the time we enjoy at Iowa. Wish I took more pictures. How did George’s turn out? Hope he sends me some. Am anxious to see all of them. Have seen quite a few already, some funny ones.
Will, Hula

An Outing

RPPCThis real photo postcard was mailed from Ely, Iowa to Clarkson, Nebraska on September 7, 1914. On the back:

Hello Esther –
Am sending you here another one of those cards. We were a little too much in the sun. We are all making faces.
With love,

Woman in Adams, Nebraska

Adams, Nebraska womanAddressed to a Mr. Johnnie Bohm in DuBois, Nebraska, this real photo postcard was mailed from Adams, Nebraska on May 7th, 1912. The image is a curious one, as it seems to be a candid shot from a time when photographs were typically posed. Written on the back:

Kind friend how are you making it these timelong[?] days? I am making mine planting corn. You must be on the lookout with this card or the old lady will be after you again. Answer soon,
Henry Jauken[?]

The Davis Home

RPPCThis real photo postcard was mailed from Oakland, Iowa to Silver City in 1913. Obviously written at a later date (in ball point pen), the two women are identified on the back as Doll and Ann Davis “on South Park Street”.

Rural Kansas

Kansas RPPCBack of RPPCI’m not sure why, but I find that I’m increasingly interested in real photo postcards, particularly those with personal subject-matter. (as opposed to the commercially distributed views) This one was sourced from a huge collection of real photo postcards that originated in Nebraska. They clearly had friends/family in Kansas, and this rural scene was mailed from Kansas (possibly Blue Rapids) to Esther Novotny in Clarkson, Nebraska on June 10, 1919. Written on the back:

Esther’s grow in Kansas. Once in a while I wonder if the frosting come of yet. It’s funny, I’ll say so. Oh yes, somebody ask me how you was getting along. Last Sunday I told him I did not see you… I expect alright. Fred S. ask me Sunday if I want to go to Clarkson Saturday with them. I don’t know yet because I am pretty busy and it’s been raining so much.
Best Regards to your folks and Will.