Love’s Message

Winged Cupid postcardThis embossed postcard features a winged cupid speeding across what may be telephone lines. The whimsical card is a very early example of an undivided back postcard, as it still bears the “Authorized by act of congress of May 19, 1898” marking on the reverse.

The Girls We Can’t Forget

The Girls We Can't ForgetMailed from Ohio to West Virginia in 1911, this postcard has written on the back:

Hello! Deacon how are you? I guess you began to think that I was never going to answer your card, but here I come again now. And I’ll tell you if that girl of yours is as slow getting supper as she is answering my letter I am afraid you will get pretty hungry sometimes. ha ha! I am still waiting for that invitation to that big [illegible]. Now don’t forget me what ever you do.
Yours truly, Tabitha.

Goings On

romantic postcardA very Victorian scene, this romantic postcard was mailed within Oklahoma in 1911. It was published by H.G. Zimmerman & Co. of Chicago, a company that was active between 1907 and 1911, and on the front is written, “this is you and Oldman.”

One Who Thinks Of You

Cupid PostcardA young woman and a winged cupid keeping watch on a decorated mailbox. Mailed in 1908, on the back is written, “Got here at one o’clock last night. Auntie some better but very weak. I feel fine. Love to all, Mother.”