Life of Trade, Murdo, South Dakota

Murdo, South DakotaRPPC backCan someone explain this one to me? I’m afraid I’m at a loss. The postcard, mailed in 1919, has plenty of writing on both the front and back, and given time I could probably decipher it. Just hearing about Murdo, South Dakota makes me smile, as our road trips from Texas to the Black Hills always includes catching I-90 at Murdo. (after the mandatory tour of the Pioneer Auto Museum)

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City

Dinosaur Park postcardA brontosaurus in Rapid City, South Dakota’s Dinosaur Park. Lots of swell roadside attractions in SD! On the back:

Famed as the largest replica of a prehistoric animal constructed, Brontosaurus, in Dinosaur Park, is visible for a distance of forty miles. Its head is 28 feet above the base; its length is 80 feet; and in life, this creature weighed about 15 tons. Many fine skeletal specimens of these animals are found in the South Dakota Badlands.

Graves of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane

Mount Moriah CemeteryThe graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane at the Mount Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood, South Dakota. The undivided back postcard was probably produced around 1906-1907, and shows the monument to Wild Bill that was sculpted by artist Alvin Smith. The story of Wild Bill’s grave is almost as intriguing as that of the man himself, having been vandalized repeatedly since he was laid to rest in 1876. The original grave was located below Mount Moriah, but was relocated to the cemetery in 1879 to accommodate the town’s growth. The original, simple wooden headboard was moved as well, but it quickly fell victim to souvenir hunters that whittled away pieces of the marker. A nine-foot rock sculpture by J.B. Riordan took its place in 1891, but within ten years it too was destroyed. The Alvin Smith sculpture shown here was placed at the grave in 1903, but in spite of the fence barrier it was soon relieved of its head, arms, and gun. The remains of the statue, a Venus de Milo-like torso, is now on display at the Adams Museum in Deadwood. Recently a new statue has been placed that closely resembles the earlier Riordan monument.