Florida Wild Animal Ranch

alligator postcardThe Florida Wild Animal Ranch in St. Petersburg included all sorts of animals, including that perennial favorite of Florida attractions, alligators. On the back:

The Florida Wild Animal Ranch in St. Petersburg, Fla. In a setting of tropical foliage, are exhibited Rare and Beautiful Birds, Strange Wild Animals, Weird Reptiles, Alligators, and Crocodiles. Exhibits from all parts of the world.

Roque Players

Roque Players PostcardRoque is a game I hadn’t heard of prior to seeing this postcard, but apparently it was quite popular in the early 20th century, so much so that it replaced croquet in the 1904 Summer Olympics. Roque is in fact an American variation of croquet, played on a sand or clay court with walls around the perimeter that allow for billiards-like bank shots. (the name roque was derived by taking the “c” and “t” from croquet) I also discovered that while Jack Torrance wielded an axe in the film version of The Shining, in the book his weapon of choice was a roque mallet! Roque is pretty much a dead sport today, although there’s the occasional attempt to resurrect it.

Lee Hayman Purses

Lee Hayman PursesTwo views of the Lee Hayman woodcraft shop in St. Petersburg, Florida, manufacturers of wood purses. I haven’t been able to find much info on this enterprise except that the facility was rebuilt following a fire in 1945. I wondered if the purses might be collectible today, and perhaps they are, but an eBay search didn’t produce any examples.

All States Court and Camp

All States Court and Camp PostcardThe All States Court and Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida. Gotta love that bus! On the back:

Modern, Up-to-date bungalow hotel has 48 plastered, furnished homes with private baths, garages, lights, water, and gas. 70 large restricted camp sites with modern conveniences. Rates by day, week or month. Drive south on Fourth STreet to Big Bayou business section.

Tudor Apts. Motel

Tudor Motel PostcardThe Tudor Apartments and Motel in St. Petersburg, Florida. On the back:

2014 9th St. North St. Petersburg, Florida
One and two bedroom pats., all electric heat. Overnight, week, month, and season rentals. Close to shopping and all local activities. Phone 74-0821. Owner and Manager, Mr. and Mrs. Haldon Moore.