Christmas Time on the Mall

Seminary South at ChristmasThis oddly composed image (An art student would surely expect a groin kick for submitting such a poor composition) shows the interior courtyard area at Seminary South, an open air mall that once thrived in Fort Worth, Texas. On the back:

‘Holiday Festival of Light’
Seminary South, Fort Worth, Texas
With myriads of colored lights radiating from Downtown Fort Worth throughout the shopping centers and home areas, this metropolitan community has gained national fame through the ‘Annual Festival of Light.’
This color picture illustrates a section of the beautiful landscaping, flowers, shrubs, lighting and restful facilities of Seminary South, one of the finest shopping centers in the country.

The A. T. Lloyd Estate

A.T. Lloyd Estate, DallasSadly I wasn’t able to learn much about A. T. Lloyd, but many references were found to his estate in the Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas. Built in 1915, this six acre residence was designed for Mr. Lloyd and his wife Rose by architect Herbert Greene and purchased for $22,500, a record price for Dallas real estate.

Swimming Pool, Sherman, Texas

Sherman, Texas swimming poolPrinted by E.C. Kropp, this linen postcard shows the public swimming pool in Sherman, Texas. On the back:

Pool is 165 feet long and 60 feet wide. Band Stand on top of bath house. All swimmers pass before an “electric eye” where they automatically takes[sic] a soap shower before entering pool. Lights in side walls under water, and flood lights overhead. All water in pool passes through filter plant every eight hours.

The “Mount Vernon” of Texas

The home of Sam HoustonThe home of General Sam Houston, the “Mount Vernon” of Texas. On the back:

After many years of strenuous and successful service to his beloved Texas, Sam Houston Retired to his quiet, peaceful home at Huntsville. Gen. Houston defeated the Mexican Gen. Santa Anna at San Jacinto, Apr. 21-22, 1836, liberating Texas from Mexican rule; elected President of the Republic of Texas, Sept. 1836, and served until Texas became a State, 1845; elected Senator 1846-1859 served as Governor 1859-1861.