The Boulder Club

Boulder Club postcardWell would you look at this… we’re back in ‘Vegas! We’re going to start this trip with a visit to the Boulder Club at 118 Fremont St., once the oldest casino in Las Vegas. It gained notoriety as the first club to have an electric light display, erected by the Young Electric Sign Company in 1934. The Boulder Club was issued it’s gambling license in 1929, and was in business until November 25, 1956, when a fire of unknown origin swept through the second floor. The cash and chips were quickly loaded into a squad car and transferred to the nearby Horseshoe Club, and witnesses said that the car seemed near tipping over from the weight. This postcard appears to show the club in the mid-1950s, shortly before the fire that put an end to the historic casino. Following the blaze, the Horseshoe expanded to use the space previously occupied by the Boulder Club.


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  1. Photo circa 1951-1955. Boulder Club couldn’t claim to be the oldest, but it was licensed for gambling in 1931 along with several others. The horizontal sign and “Enjoy the Old West” marquee date to 1945. The vertical sign with the words “bets from a dime up,” came in 1951. The “Saloon” reflection in the mirror tells me this is no later than 1955, but the club did reopen after the 1956 fire.


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