Raton Tunnel

Raton TunnelTraversing Colfax County, New Mexico and Las Animas County, Colorado, Raton Pass is a mountain pass that was used by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. This Fred Harvey postcard has this description on the reverse:

Raton Tunnel, the highest point on the Santa Fe. Altitude 7,622 feet. The Tunnel at Raton Pass is fifteen miles beyond Trinidad. The Santa Fe has recently completed a secon Tunnel considerably below the original Tunnel.

Mt. Beacon Incline Railway

Mt. Beacon Incline RailwayIn service from 1902 to 1978, the Mt. Beacon Incline Railway was engineered by the Otis Elevator Company. The track and cars had been damaged by fire several times over the years, and the then-dormant railway was consumed in its entirety in 1983. Efforts are currently underway to rebuild the historic railway, and you can read about it here.

Orange Grove Trains

Orange Grove Train PostcardSuper Chief Train PostcardHere’s two postcards, both published by Western Publishing & Novelty Co. and both illustrating trains passing through California orange groves. The first, white border postcard dates from the 1920s, whereas the linen postcard is from the 1940s. Oranges hadn’t changed, but the trains are very different!