Main Street, Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City postcardAn undivided back postcard showing the head of Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Written on the back:

Two blocks this side of station is The Great Mormon temple. I sent you some cards of The Temple. I got several and sent them. Two different ones.

Saltair, Try to Sink

Saltair postcardIconic view of the Saltair Pavilion on Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The popular swimming destination featured water with such a high salt content that it was virtually impossible to sink, a novelty that attracted visitors for decades. You can see a variation of this postcard here.

Construction of Mormon Tabernacle

Mormon Tabernacle PostcardAn interesting look at the Mormon Tabernacle under construction. On the back:

This is one of the marvels of architecture in the world. No nails or metal of any kind were used in its construction except in the doors, and of course in the organ. The acoustic properties of the building are famous the world over.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove, Salt Lake CityLocated at 464 South Main Street, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Coconut Grove was a hugely popular dance venue and the largest in the U.S. First opened in 1931, in the 1940s it was renamed the “Rainbow Rendezvous” and again in the ’50s to the “Terrace Ballroom.” Demolished in 1981, today the location is a parking lot.

The Mittens

Monument Valley PostcardOften used as a scenic backdrop in motion pictures, particularly the John Ford productions starring John Wayne, Monument Valley is located on the Arizona/Utah border. This linen postcard focuses on the formations long known as “the Mittens”. On the back:

Monument Valley is truly the Land of Enchantment and one of the-oh so few!-spots in our United States still unspoiled by advancing civilization. This panorama of colossal buttes and pinnacles of red sandstone rising some 1,100 feet above the shifting desert sands and capped by fleecy white clouds is well worth the time required to reach it. Stretching for miles along the Arizona-Utah border it is best reached by road from Cameron, Arizona – 120 miles northeast into the heart of Navajo land!

Mirage of Saltair Pavilion

Saltair Pavilion PostcardBack of Saltair PostcardI’m not sure that a reflection on water constitutes a mirage, but it’s a nice view of the historic Saltair Pavilion nonetheless. I’ve included a scan of the back simply because I like the logo that bears the slogan, “See Europe if you will, but see America first”.