The Breakers

The BreakersAs was the case with so many historic structures, The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida has a past riddled with disasters. First opened in 1896, the hotel burned in 1903. It was rebuilt in record time, and reopened in 1904. (the structure seen here) Fire would consume the hotel again in 1925, victim of an unattended curling iron, and was rebuilt yet again for the 1926 season.

I Wonder Why?

Victorian PostcardThis interesting postcard was mailed from Chicago to West Virginia in 1913. I have to say that this particular postcard, like many others from the time, reflects some sort of Victorian sentiment that just doesn’t register in my late 20th century mind. If anyone cares to take a stab at interpreting this scene I’d like to hear from you.

A Lonesome Rattler

RattlesnakeA lonesome rattlesnake. On the back:

A venomous snake having a series of horny interlocking joints at the end of the tail which make a sharp rattling sound when shaken. The common rattlesnake of the Northern United States and the diamond rattlesnake of the South are best known.