The Lady in Blue

Lady in Blue Postcard“The Lady in Blue”, a spirit that is said to haunt a historic house in Williamsburg, Virginia. Oddy enough, I couldn’t find any info about this phantom on the web. On the back:

In this historical house, before the Revolution, there were thirty-two children born to one mother and father, eleven single births and the others in twins and triplets.
It is said a beautiful lady, with long flowing hair that reached below her waist, wearing a soft blue gown that touched the floor, had been seen to come to this stairway when little children played on it.
She is known as the lady in blue or the fairy godmother of little boys and girls.

Washington’s Well

Washington Well PostcardUndoubtedly the most beloved U.S. president, particularly in days past, is George Washington, and Washington artifacts earned shrine-like status from the beginning. Ever heard of all those claims, “Washington slept here”? Well, this linen card doesn’t make that claim, but it does purport to show where Washington’s men dug a well. I wonder if they sell souvenirs there? The back of the card, mailed in 1943, says:

When Col. George Washington built Fort Loudoun in 1756, this famed well was dug by members of the garrison, as it was necessary to have a water supply within the fortification in the event of a siege by enemies. The fort was besieged by Indians, but according to tradition the red men gave up home of capturing it when the realized that the water supply within would not fail.

Massanutten Caverns

Massanutten Caverns PostcardThis linen card shows an underground “lake” in Massanutten Caverns near Keezletown and Harrisonburg, Virginia. From what I can gather, the Massanutten Caverns were discovered in 1892 and became popular with visitors in the early 20th century. The caverns were closed to public access in 1989.

Castle at Mill Mountain Children’s Zoo

Children's Zoo PostcardThis linen card shows the castle at the Mill Mountain Children’s Zoo in Roanoke, Virginia. The zoo opened in July of 1952, but that’s about all I could find out about it. On the back:

This grey castle of medieval style is large enough for visitors to walk into. Cages inside the building contain parakeets, love birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, skunks, terrapins and other small animals.

Jefferson Motel

Jefferson Motel PostcardThe Jefferson Motel in Williamsburg, Virginia. On the back:

On your trip to Williamsburg stay at the JEFFERSON MOTEL on Route 60, two miles east of the Restored Area. Perfectly located for sight-seeing at Yorktown, Jamestown and Carter’s Grove, 18th century plantation. Air-conditioning and TV.

The bright yellow car (a 1964 Mercury?) is a nice addition, particularly in concert with the electric-blue sky. It also seems to belong to the motels sole occupant.