What’s New

1-21-2015   You know that navigation bar at the bottom that allows you to more easily browse the pages? Well I had a sudden burst of inspiration and have added it to the top of the pages as well! One might think that I would have come up with this before now, eh?  Y’all have a great 2015.

2-15-2014   The year 2014 is well underway, and I’m looking forward to a good one. 2013 was a pretty good year here at Postcard Roundup, and I’ve opted to share a few yearly stats pertaining to the activity of the site and its visitors. (follow link here) Y’all have a swell 2014, OK?

10-27-2013   Postcard Roundup is three years old today! “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…

10-5-2013   It’s taken a while, but we’ve reached another milestone: over 2000 postcards displayed at Postcard Roundup! A big thank you to all the Postcard Roundup visitors (and there’s lots of you!) for keeping this fun.

7-23-2013   I’ve added a glossary page, explaining the myriad of terms that get tossed about when talking vintage postcards. This will be a work in progress, with additional terms added periodically.

1-13-2013   When I first setup Postcard Roundup I selected a theme (an appearance package) to use with the WordPress software and then modified it to create just the look I wanted. But as WordPress development has continued I’ve seen the need to convert to a more modern theme framework. I’ve done that, recreating the original appearance while making the site “responsive”, meaning that it now adjusts to view nicely on tablets and smart phones. You can even select “Add to Home Screen” from your iPhone or iPad and get a swell Postcard Ranch icon for speedy access. Yay!

6-8-2012   Steve Taylor, frequent contributor to Postcard Roundup, has started a blog of his own, Postcards Etcetera. It’s definitely worth a visit!

4-19-2012   As though I didn’t already have enough irons in the fire, I’ve started a Postcard Ranch eBay Store, and would just love for you to check it out. It still needs to be stocked (I just put it up this morning) and I don’t have it looking pretty yet, but it should start looking like something in a few days.

12-2-2011   My buddy Steve Taylor suggested that I accept “guest posts”, and I thought that would be a great addition to Postcard Roundup. So, watch for these guest posts, and contact me if you’d like to submit a postcard from your collection!

11-8-2011   We’ve hit yet another milestone, with over 1500 postcards displayed here at Postcard Roundup. Dang!

8-17-2011   I’m still posting daily, but much of my attention has been spent setting up a new project, an online postcard store called Postcard Ranch. (catchy name, eh?) Once I’ve got that up to speed I’ll be back to posting like crazy here at PC Roundup!

8-5-2011   I’ve installed a WordPress plugin that places a [Quote] button below each visitor comment, making it a little easier to expound on a comment left by another. Now why do you suppose WordPress doesn’t come out of the box with that functionality? I’m just saying….

7-5-2011   While I was getting rid of the excess categories on the Postcard Index page, I went ahead and reconfigured it, getting rid of the visually confusing “cloud” format in favor of a clean, simple two-column layout. Much better!

6-29-2011   This might throw Google into a head-spin and reduce the traffic to Postcard Roundup to a trickle (webmasters will know just what I’m talking about), but I’ve seriously pruned the categories (tags, actually) that appear on the Postcard Index page. I just feel that people are interested in the subjects of the postcards, not the publisher or whether they’re divided back or linen. Now the index is based solely on subject-matter, and the dozens of publisher categories are gone. (publisher info. can still be found within the text of the individual posts) The search engines might be confused for a while, but I think you will appreciate the simplicity of the new index.

5-18-2011   I’ve been hired to design a website for the Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth (only the coolest antique mall in Texas!), so I’ll be a little busy for the next few weeks. I’ll still post daily, but perhaps not at my usual frantic pace.

4-15-2011   Great jumpin’ juniper root, we’ve reached another milestone, with over 1000 postcards now displayed on Postcard Roundup. Yipee!

3-15-2011   Say, Postcard Roundup isn’t white anymore! I’ve got the new look up and running, but it still needs a few tweaks to get the colors just right. Oh, and there’s a new header coming later this week.

3-9-2011   I’m giving serious consideration to giving the Roundup a new look, and while my ideas are still all over the place I’ll probably jump right into coding when something suitable strikes me. I’ll certainly keep the site usable during this process, but if you see it looking a little weird (or a lot weird) now and then it’s just me toying with it. Oh, and suggestions are always welcomed!

2-27-2011   This is an anniversary of sorts, as Postcard Roundup is a big four months old today. I’ve posted scans of almost 800 cards in that time, so it’s growing fast!

2-13-2011   I added the Google Friend Connect widget to the sidebar. Tomorrow’s Valentines Day, so hopefully some of you will show the love.

1-28-2011   My pal Brian from PaperSponge.com suggested that I enable subscriptions to post comments, so I’ve done just that. It’s untested at this moment, but if I find that it doesn’t work, well then I’ll make it work, by-golly!

1-26-2011   In a moment of insight I came to realize that the navigation here at the Roundup left a lot to be desired, so I’ve created a “Postcard Index” page that can be accessed from the sidebar. Previously, trolling the depths of the archive required extensive use of the search box (which can still come in handy), but now the Index provides direct links to postcards sorted by state, subject, publisher, etc. What a concept!